Campervan holidays are all the rage in the UK this summer. However, camping out for a couple of weeks needs some thought. For first time trippers or even seasoned pros, we’ve pulled together a list of 9 tips for a perfect campervan holiday.

Top Tip for a Perfect Holiday

Get used to driving a camper. They’re not huge and they are highly manoeuvrable, but they’re not the same as a car. Take the time to set the mirrors, make sure that moveable objects are safely stowed away, drive smoothly, leave space between you and the vehicle in front and anticipate stops. You’re on holiday, remember? Relax.


The lure of blue skies and an open road is a heady mix. Although freedom is the point, do indulge in some planning. In England it is illegal to simply pull over and camp, you need a campsite. And knowing where you are headed is a great stress reliever. Check out or list of top campervan friendly sites in the UK to start you off. Once you’re there, find a nice level spot with a good view, you’ll be waking up to it! Avoid lights if you can and the short cut to the showers will get busy. If you can book a pitch ahead of time, do that.

Check the Gear

There is nothing worse than being ravenously hungry, arriving on site and realising you don’t have a can opener! Before you set off, compile a list of ‘what if’s’ and make sure you’ve got the kit you need. We’ve forgotten towels, only once. Trailing around looking for a shop that sells bathwear isn’t our idea of a perfect holiday!

Meal Planning

Chocolate and crisps are great, but the attraction fades when there’s no alternative. Our Camper has a fridge so stop off and buy a few meals worth of ingredients before you set off. And water. Camping is thirsty work, so is cooking. We recommend ribs, peppers, onions, BBQ skewers are quick and easy, even a baked potato or two. Don’t forget sauces, pepper and salt.


Don’t overpack. You probably will but try and keep things minimal. Swimwear can dry on a rail, you’ll need hiking shoes and flip flops. Shorts and jeans. A couple of tee shirts. Something light and waterproof. All of these clothes will be sharing a space with you. Our camper is spacious, but be wise, you’re on holiday!


You’ll almost certainly need a torch at some point. It gets dark in the countryside, very dark. You don’t want to be wandering back from the local pub along a country lane with no light.


The bane of my life! Find a place to keep your shoes and promise death of a thousand cuts to anyone that moves them. Up in the middle of the night in a remote field? Think thistles. You need your shoes to be reliably close by! These days, hiking shoes are made of light, breathable materials – nothing against Timberland, but I once climbed a mountain in Scotland wearing heavy rugged boots and my feet paid a terrible price. Make a trip to Blacks and treat yourself to some modern, comfortable hiking boots!


Ants love crumbs and the one thing they love more than crumbs is biting people. Don’t get me started on wasps! Keep the camper clean of food remnants. Some ant powder sprinkled around the camper will keep ants occupied. Leaving the lights on and the windows open will attract moths and other flying insects. You don’t need to start a war, just a little care from the beginning will keep you pest free!

Things You Might Not Think Of

  • Bin liners
  • First Aid Kit
  • Loo Paper
  • Music
  • Soap
  • Sunscreen

9 Tips for a Perfect Campervan Holiday

Those are our 9 tips for a perfect campervan holiday – every year we think of more, what are yours? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!