We’ll never forget the trip we made in our first campervan! We’d tried package holidays and seen some wonderful places in France, Italy and Spain.

The trouble is we hated airports and always wanted more time, time to dawdle and doze, time to switch off from the hustle and time to feel we were in charge. We tried renting a house, and that was wonderful for the first few days, then we got itchy feet, wanted to explore the region and maybe stay somewhere else for a few nights, camp and move on. So one day we saw a young couple in a beat up campervan at a garage, with a sign on the back of the van saying “We go where we choose” – it was a lightbulb moment, maybe ditch the ‘beat up’ element, but why not? A campervan would give us the freedom to roam, to camp where we wanted and move on or stay, depending how the mood took us. And it would be warm and dry, a welcoming haven at the end of a long hike. We looked at one another and grinned – it was the answer!

Roll forward a month, and we’d bought our first campervan, a brand new VW Camper. We were thrilled and couldn’t wait to get going. The fact it was October didn’t deter us one jot! Off we went, heading for a campsite in the Lake District. And it poured. The rain came down, the thunder rumbled in tune with my stomach and as we rolled through the hills towards our destination, the first wee doubts started to settle in. I shouldn’t have worried, we got to the site fairly late and didn’t bother to put up the awning or even connect to the electricity. We cooked a camping supper and took to our sleeping bags. Don’t let anyone tell you that camping is uncomfortable – we slept like logs, dry as a bone and warm as toast!

In the morning I couldn’t believe my eyes, I stepped out of the van and rubbed my eyes in amazement – the rain had stopped, the clouds rolled away and I could see for miles. I’ve never smelled air like that air, as fresh as could be and we smiled like lunatics! The Lake District is epic, a sprawling landscape of lakes and rolling hills – I wouldn’t call them mountains, until I decided to walk up them! The Lakes have attracted poets like William Wordsworth and Lord Byron, painters and writers have toured the area in search of inspiration, “Withnail and I” was memorably filmed here and the area lives up to its reputation. We spent a weekend exploring, driving off in the morning and returning at night. When it shone, we walked and climbed, when it rained we found country pubs to dine in and sit by roaring log fires watching the world go by. It just may have been the best holiday of our lives!

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